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F A Z - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


Article from 24/11/2014 'Vieles im Haus wirkt noch improvisiert'










B R I G H T O N   F R I N G E   R E V I E W :


'With stunning detail and precise physicality on stage, who needs a voice when [RE:ArtzZZ] use silence & subtitles to bring the house down!' ****- Richard Staplehurst, Fringreview.com




T H O M A S   K A M P E   [ l o n d o n   m e t r o p o l i t a n   u n i v e r s i t y ] :


Asta Nielsen is dead: RE:artzzz new production takes the audience by surprise.  Patrizia Carlotta and Regina Fichtner have created a wonderful show, full of surprises, humour, and skilful movement-based acting. The show is exquisitely researched and crafted and has the audience transfixed throughout. The acting is superb, using melodramatic and expressionist silent movie styles as a point of departure without falling into cliche re-presentation. The show convinces through its freshness, wit, and skill in imaginative interaction with movement set and sound. This is a charming piece of storytelling utilizing digital media, costume, and historic references to create a unique piece of performance.



A U D I E N C E   F E E D B A C K :


Bernie Grant Art Centre: S-T-R-E-T-C-H night, Tottemham/London

‘silent movies rock.. Loved the bizarreness of the work’

‘super cool.   Made my night’


Blue Elephant Theatre:

The first 2 acts were perfect, and we shall try and go and see the ruby dolls, arrezo is it a bit far for the mime act...!




I N T E R V I E W :


To read an interview with Regina and Patrizia about the production 'Asta Nielsen is Dead' click here.