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G E M I N I  -  P L A Z A  -  H O T E L   [ r o o m  p e r f o r m a n c e ]


...opens its doors on the 26th & 28th 2015, 8pm at atelierfrankfurt.

More information here: http://reartzzz.blogspot.de/2015/06/performance-gemini-plaza-hotel-26th.html


There are two, in an inner public public space.          

Two performers, that look almost the same,

but they are not the same!

One repeats what the other one does,

the other one says what her twin repeats,

Idioglossia - twin language!

- A private conversation in a public space -    



                                                                                            Filmsession at 'Hotel Palmenhof': Screenshot  






                                                                                           funded by Kulturamt Frankfurt

                                                                                           sponsored by Hotel Palmehof


Gemini-Plaza-Hotel invites its guests to create a new dimension of communication.


A new production by Regina Fichtner [RE:artzzZ - performance colaboration london|frankfurt], Mareike Buchmann [ 'Raum (0) - Wiesbaden|Mainz], stage design by Sabine Kuehnle & Music by Stephen Haben.



MUSIC COMPOSITION [excerpt] by Stephen Haben: https://soundcloud.com/puppet-state/idioglossia



PHOTOS by Sabine Kuehnle from the performance at atelierfrankfurt in July 2015:







Konzept Foto_Diffuse vlcsnap-2015-02-10-22h14m59s243 IMG_5018 edites IMG_4970 edited IMG_4936 Logo Kulturamt Frankfurt edited