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P A T R I Z I A   C A R L O T A   [ p e r f o r m e r ]

Patrizia Carlota did an MA in Theatre and Performance at Queen Mary, University of London. She is Gong Practitioner (SonicSoul), a performer, performance maker, and researcher. She has collaborated widely in the fields of music, performance and art, and has worked in the UK and internationally (Germany, Italy and France). Her interests include sound healing, wellbeing, experimental forms of performance, culture and performance, and the intersection between science, technology and art. She is also a member of VivArtista, G.Hack, and is part of the management committee of Odd Eye Theatre



S T E P H E N   H A B E N   [ m u s i c i a n ]



Stephen Haben, composer and musician.

Trained as an architect and is currently working on the relocation of Garsington Opera in Oxfordshire.


Solo Music: Puppet State' since 2007. Solo project, mainly instrumental. Guitar based songs with computer sampling, recording and production. Released 'Anon' EP in 2007.

Band: 'Cuttooth' formed in 2009 with three other members. Based in West London. Experimental post-rock band which has gigged in London. S.Haben - guitar and vocals. Currently working on new material.


Stephen worked with [RE:artzzZ] in Asta Nielsen is Dead, Apoclipsis Cum Figurizzz, 'Grindhouse' and 'DreamLab'.


Composing for Asta Nielsen is Dead:

This has been an interesting and challenging brief as I knew that the piece did not warrant guitar based music. Instead I have experimented with using unfamiliar instruments, in particular string and brass sections, taking influence from composers such as Olivier Messiaen, Gyorgi Ligeti and Jonny Greenwood to evoke a surreal and foreboding setting.


It has been a refreshing experience to allow the sequencing of the theatre piece to determine the musical sequence, and this has provided moments of stark contrast between the sublime and the ridiculous which I may not have intentionally planned otherwise but which have in fact assisted in reinforcing the dynamics of the artistic concept.


Stephen composes the music for [Re:artzzZ]'s productions

c o l l a b o r a t o r s

D A N   S H E L T O N   [ a c t o r ]  



Dan Shelton; After graduating from Chichester University Dan emerged from a box in 2003 at Tate Britain and won the Creative Minorities award for art. Dan worked as a practicioner in community art and has performed in circus and street theatre shows in Brighton, Edinburgh, Glastonbury and Dubai festivals. In 2005 Joined High Spin Dance company and toured as a dancer in the acclaimed integrated company. Dan then graduated from the Central School of Speech and Drama in 2007 with an MA in screen acting and has been appearing in short films and commercials as well as writing and making work of his own. Most recent credits include 'Meta Family' created by Julia Bardsley and the role of'The Mariner' in an adaptation of the Rime of the ancient Mariner at HoxtonHall with the Lotos collective.


Dan worked with [RE:artzzZ] as a voice over in Apoclipsis Cum Figurizzz and in 'Grindhouse'

D A N I E L   L U D W I G  [ f i l m a k e r ]



Since his first contact with drama in the age of 10 in the acting/film class in Germany till now in London, he will never forget one dream, the dream of creating worlds with emotions and feelings by films which touch the audience. He graduated in the basic study in Media Technology (2 semesters) from the University of St. Pölten (Austria) 2008 and attended a filmmaking course at the N.Y. Film Academy in Los Angeles 2009. After 6 months as a Co-director and assistant for “A-California-Film” company in Munich he decided to move to London to gain work experiences from first hand in a professional environment in his early twenties. Now 2011 he starts his MA in Film & TV at the Uni of Westminster and is working on his Paralympic film project "One Goal" to get closer to his dream.


Daniel worked with [RE:artzzZ] in Asta Nielsen is dead and in Apoclipsis Cum Figurizzz.

T á   N a  D E P T F O R D  

[ p e r f o r m a n c e   c o l l e c t i v e ]


 Tá Na Deptford is a performance movement happening in Deptford. First hailing from the streets of Rio de Janiero- Tá Na Deptford’s mission is to whip up London’s South East Culture through performance. By combining the methodology of Brazilian street theatre company ‘Tá Na Rua’ with the creative energies of local Londoners we create mind-blowing spectacles for streets of Deptford and alternative club nights across the city.


Tá Na Deptford worked with [RE:artzzZ] in 'Grindhouse'


ISLAD  [ o r g a n i s a t i o n ]



ISLaD, Interactive School of Language and Drama is a drama school for international Londoners. We opened in 2009 and ISLaD is rapidly becoming a cultural centre for theatre lovers. We create our own pieces under the guide of expert theatre practitioners and voice coaches. Our tutors are also theatre directors, performers and university lecturers, specialised in Stanislavski techniques, Commedia dell'Arte, Forum Theatre and other traditional and contemporary theatre techniques from all over the world. Learning programmes include one year foundation courses in Voice and in Drama, short evening courses, intensive workshops and summer courses.


ISLaD worked with [RE:artzzZ] in funding applications.


dan dan2 islad tana

K A T H L E E N   A C K E R M A N N

[ v i s u a l   a r t i s t  &  p e r f o r m e r ]



Kathleen is a visual artist and performer from Leipzig, Germany who recently graduated with a First Class Honour in Performing Arts from London Metropolitan University. Her interests cover a wide range of disciplines, leading her to collaborate as actor, contemporary dancer, vocal artist, writer, painter and photographer. In 2006 she received a scholarship to go to India and train in Indian music and dance, an experience which has since informed her visual work. Aside from having worked collaboratively with Blackhole-Factory, Elastic Theatre and Julia Pascal, she has performed and presented work in the UK and internationally as part of the Crisisart Festival, Italy.


Kathleen worked with [RE:artzzZ] in 'DreamLab'.


A N T J E   H I L D E B R A N D T

[ c h o r e o g r a p h e r  &  p e r f o r m e r ]



Antje Hildebrandt (UK/Germany) is a London-based choreographer and performer. Her work, which takes the form of conventional theatre pieces as well as site-specific works and installations, has been presented in various platforms and festivals in the UK, Germany, Sweden and Italy. She has a MA (dist) in Dance Theatre: The Body in Performance from Laban (London) and a first honours degree in Dance and Arts Management from De Montfort University (Leicester).


As well as making solo work, she often collaborates with other artists (for example performance writer Rachel Lois Clapham) and she has worked and performed with Serbian Artistic Collective Doplgenger, Willi Dorner, Lea Anderson, Ivana Müller, Franko B. and Tino Sehgal. Antje is a member of Trio, a collective of four artists who are interested in collaborative performance practice.


Antje works with [RE:artzzZ] as a research adviser.

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