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S H O W  2 0 1 1

A S T A   N I E L S E N   I S   D E A D   [ a   s i l e n t   m o v e ]



By Patrizia Carlota & Regina Fichtner

Music: Stephen Haben, Projections: Ana Carrusca & Daniel Ludwig  


The silent film actress Asta Nielsen died in 1972 / A performer doesn’t have a long life on stage / One of us has to die / Soon” are the first subtitles of the piece. Lady Pumpernickel [Regina Fichtner] and Miss Carrota [Patrizia Carlota] interact with projected texts and images found in silent films to create their own silent story on stage. The artists suffer from the tragedies of love & take advance of any grotesque opportunity to be loved by their audience... At the end there is just one open question: Who is going to die


Video Teaser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Msunp39C_ag





















!With many thanks for the support of he Metropolitan University London during this production!



Tour Dates:

20/4/11 Blue Elephant Theatre / South London

7/5/11 Brighton Fringe Festival / Komedia Studio

7/7/11 Bernie Grant Art Centre / North London

17-21/7/11 Crisisart Festival in Arezzo / Italy

22+24/8/11 Hot Fringe at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern / London

3/10/11 The Cockpit / West London

9/11/11 London Metropolitan University






Grindhouse Flyer (small) Royal vauxhall tavern REartzzZ - Final - e-Flyer Brighton Fringe