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R E G I N A   F I C H T N E R  

Regina did an MA in Performance Studies [University of Hamburg] and Theatre Studies [Mainz/Germany + Utrecht/Netherlands]. Today she lives in Frankfurt. She is an performance artist and Dance-Theatre teacher. Her productions have been presented in the UK and mainland Europe. She combines experimental movements & non theatrical texts and has worked on installations, stage pieces and performed internationally at festivals, galleries and theatres [e.g. Spill Festival, London / Atomino Festival, East Germany / Crisisart Festival, Italy / Brighton Fringe, UK / Jewish Museum London / Kampnagel Hamburg / pad - performance art depot mainz].

She teaches physical theatre and contemporary dance to people of all ages and creates performance projects at universities and schools [e. g. IPP Summer School, Performance & Media Studies 2013, Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz / Goethe Universität Frankfurt / Catholic University of Applied Science Mainz /  Schultheater Studio Frankfurt / Kita Frankfurt / Stage Coach - Theatre Arts Schools]. She is currently working as a theatre educator for the Burgfestspiele Bad Vilbel.